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What is love?

1. First kiss

2. Climb a mountain 

3. Skinny dipping!!

4. Have a crazy night

5. Give 10 strangers your #

6. Go to a new city and make some memories 

7. Win nice stuff

8. Do sneaky stuff ;) 

9. Sneak out! 

10. ?


i’m still pissed off about growing up

  • when u see a nice booty: ive seen the world done it all had my cake now<p>tbt dick's last resort</p>


I went to a catholic elementary school with a really strict dress code and one time in 4th grade I came to school with my shirt untucked 2 days in a row and my teacher asked me if I was having problems at home



idk what’s more of a turn off: when girls wear beanies or when they tie their hair up with a bandana like a maid

idk what’s more of a turn off: when guys think their personal preference should dictate a female’s choice of clothing or when they act like we should care



following back tons!

This gif accurately describes how i feel about sextnoise’s caption


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